Knitted knitted dress

  • Rating:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Season:
  • Textile:
    Knitted knitwear
  • Compound:
    40% ongoing30% cotton20% polyamide10% nylon
  • Care:
    Delicate washing 30 degrees, without squeezing, drying on the horizontal surface. For the softness of the product to use air conditioning.
  • Dress style:
    Direct dress
  • The length of the sleeve:
    47 cm
  • Throat:
    Rate stand
  • Back length:
    80 cm
  • Style:
  • Country of origin of goods:
  • Country of brand registration:

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seductive outfit as it is impossible to raise the mood for this fall. Alexandro Zesty offers its own option - a stylish knitted knitted dress of the Dora. It is versatile and perfectly fit into a romantic, casual, floor business and classic styles.

Model Long Mani will suit Each figurine and give a light mysterious flaple. The feminine free cut is beautiful and at the same time due to the textural mating masks imperfections. Comfortably and confidently feels each who puts on this textile cloud.

In addition to traditional milk and red shade, we They brought a warm yellow color to the assortment, which will definitely be harmonized in the autumnal outfit. Add image of practical shoes at low go and enjoy your perfection.

If you like natural fabrics, then by You will evaluate the flawless composition: the wool yarn from Italy is madly pleasant to the body, gives it to "breathe", does not rsch, resistant to stretching and burning. It allows for a long time to save attractiveness and tidy appearance of the product.

Choose your colors, and hurry to buy a knitted knitted dress The very loyal price with a discount. Quickly deliver the purchase to any region of the country.

Sending throughout Ukraine of Ukraine and Poland

buy a dress from Alexandro Zesty

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