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  • Textile:
    Knitted knitwear
  • Compound:
    Cotton 100%
  • Care:
    Delicate washing 30 degrees, without squeezing, drying on the horizontal surface. For the softness of the product to use air conditioning.
  • Clasp type:
    Belt, rubber band
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Top Novelty Season Spring-Summer 2020 - Knitted Knitted Shorts Already in your favorite collection Alexandro Zesty . This model is completed as part of a suit, but it is possible to purchase and separately. But believe me, this image you are precisely needed, you will love it with all my heart!

Soft, weightlifting shorts Free Croes will give real comfort. Especially it becomes relevant in hot weather. The belt is assembled on the gum, you will be able to regulate it and emphasize the grace of the figure. Any T-shirts, tops, tunics, which are also presented on the site of our brand, are great for them.

In the presented product of natural cotton, which provides the right air exchange and is distinguished by high wear resistance. This allows for a long time to maintain the external attractiveness, color brightness and shape. It remains only to decline: spectacular raspberries, charming snow-white or noble beige. What would you like?

By the end of the season, we give you stunning discounts, so the hurry to buy knitted knitted knitted knitted knit Shorts at a reduced price.

Sending throughout Ukraine of Ukraine CIS and Poland

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