Midi Dress from Staples with Rhapsodia Print

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  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Season:
  • Textile:
  • Compound:
    Viscose 70% polyester 30%
  • Care:
    Empty using soft detergents manually or in a washing machine at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Do not squeeze. Stroking the iron with a moisturizer on a steam mode at a temperature of 150 degrees (the position of the thermostat - "silk")
  • Dress style:
    Dresses a-silhouette
  • The length of the sleeve:
  • Back:
  • Back length:
  • Clasp type:
  • Style:
  • Country of origin of goods:
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Do you know what attracts a man in a woman most? That she is not like him. She wears dresses, its movements are soft and smooth, the voice is more gentle, and the manners are more exquisied. And as soon as you wear a dress from Alexandro Zesty, you are filled with this feminine to the edges.

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Yes, this model is not for reckless youth, it is for confident femininity. Deep shades and large prints declare themselves boldly and with dignity. This is also said and style: discreet, elegant, moderate. A simple silhouette nevertheless creates the right geometry of the female figure.

<$3$7$><$4$4$4. Charming dress made of natural fabric is ready to go to your wardrobe. Order can be issued right now on the store website.


sending throughout Ukraine of the CIS and Poland

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