How does dropshipping work?

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Dropshipping: You post photos of our products on your page, forums, blogs. You take orders, pay 50% of the cost, and we sew clothes. Most of the models on our website are exclusive, so almost everything that customers receive is made on pre-orders.

After the order is ready, we send the goods directly to the buyer, and you send the rest of the amount.

As a result, without working with the product itself, you get your % of income. In order to receive goods at wholesale prices, the Dropshipper must provide us with a link to his trading page, forum, etc., where he sells our goods. There is no minimum order for Dropshippers.

Why is it beneficial?

You do not need a large start-up capital;
You don't need a warehouse;
You do not need an office and employees;
You do not deal with transport issues;
You can stop work and go on vacation;
You can go on vacation and not stop working :)
You are your own boss and only you decide how much to earn;
How is profit generated?

You place an order for a product at a dropshipping price and sell it to customers at a retail price that you set yourself.

The difference between buying and selling is your earnings.

Your client can pay the cost of the goods by cash on delivery directly to us, then we send your earnings to your card.

Wholesale prices and who is interested in them?

Retail store owners.
Online store owners.
active salespeople.

Just like dropshipping, group buying works. You negotiate with our manager about wholesale prices, then with people. You collect money and pay for the goods, you keep the difference.

The second option - according to a preliminary agreement with the manager, you transfer the full retail cost of the order to our store, and then we return your percentage to your card, taking into account bank commissions.

Our telegram group

You will always know all the news that are not on the site and instagram.